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Review of Website Hosting Companies

As part of our continued dedication to our customers we are pleased to provide you with the following website hosting company reviews. We have been evaluating various website hosting companies over the last few years, and have written our website hosting company reviews for your information. We hope that this information helps you find the right website hosting company for your needs.

We hope that you find these website hosting company reviews useful. If you have any experience with these hosting providers you would like to share, please contact us at info@fmdeveloper.com.

IX Webhosting

Website Hosting Reviews

IX Webhosting offers great website hosting plans for businesses of all sizes. Their hosting plans start at $4.95 and their top hosting package is $59.99 per month. This is for Linux web hosting. They offer a plan that will work for almost any website hosting needs. They also offer Windows hosting, however we only tested their Linux hosting packages.

IX Webhosting uses the H-Sphere web based control panel which offers you full control of the most commonly used features. They also provide full DNS control for your sites. We prefer the C-Panel control panel over the H-Sphere control panel, however the H-Sphere panel does offer features not found in C-Panel.

The downside of IX Webhosting is reliability. We experienced numerous outages while using their service. The most common service to go down was e-mail, however we encountered MySQL failures, as well as complete service failures. In their defense, they did offer us a service credit for our downtime.

Overall, IX Webhosting is a good choice for small business, who want a feature rich hosting package, at a very low cost. We also recommend this for companies with many domain names, that they want to manage in one place. We rate IX Webhosting 2.5 stars out of 5.

Positive Factors:

Gives you a static IP address for you domain (a major plus for search engine optimization)
Affordable to host multiple domains
H-Sphere panel contains needed functions
Can access the MySQL database server through outside software
Allows for a default install of osCommerce

Negative Factors:

Still not the most reliable host - they are getting better but still aren't up to par
Does not include awStats with the control panel

iPower Web

iPower Web only offers one package (the one shown in the picture above). They charge $7.95 per month, and include most features you will need from a hosting company.

iPower Web uses the C-Panel control panel, which is extremely fast and easy to use. They offer ample hard drive space and transfer.

We did not experience any outages while using iPower Web's services. They also were quick to respond to technical support requests we submitted. Their agents were knowledgeable, and answered our questions quickly and effectively.

iPower Web is also a great choice for domain name registrations. They offer domain registrations for only $2.95 per year. This is the lowest price we found. $2.95 domain name registrations.

Overall, we give iPower Web 4.75 out of 5 stars, and have crowned iPower Web the Best Provider.

Positive Factors:

Low cost compared to reliability
Includes awStats in control panel
Low cost domain names

Negative Factors:

If you want more than 5 subdomains they charge you
Charge for domain aliases and other advanced features
Does NOT give you a static IP address for you domain (a major negative for search engine optimization)

1 and 1

1 and 1 used to be the lowest price to register your domain names, $5.95 per year. iPower Web now offers these for only $2.95 per year.

***Left for historical reasons****

1 and 1 uses a control panel, that was just too slow to use. Even utilizing our broadband internet connection, the pages took too long to load, and it took many steps to complete even simple tasks.

We did not use 1 and 1 to host any sites, because of their control panel.

***END of Left for historical reasons****


1 and 1 updated their control panel, and it is now much faster and easier to use. The latest updated allows you to have control over the features you need to effectively manage your domain.

We recommend 1 and 1 for domain registrations if you need or want advanced DNS controls (like domain forwarding, free e-mail, etc) for your domain. If you just care about price, you can go with iPower Web for a $2.95 domain name registration. They have stated they are offering full DNS control, and we are in the process of confirming this information.

Positive Factors:

Full DNS control of domains you register with them

Negative Factors:

Does NOT give you a static IP address for you domain (a major negative for search engine optimization)


Website hosting for $7.50

StartLogic offers the same hosting package as iPower Web, but charges only $7.50 per month. However, StartLogic does not offer the $5.50 domain registrations.

If you only need 1 domain name, we recommend StartLogic, as they include a domain name with their hosting packages.

Overall, we rate StartLogic 3 out of 5 stars.



NetZero, the company you have heard of selling dial up service, is now offering internet hosting. We have not tried their services yet, but will update this page once we have time to review their plans.


We have not yet tested Globat.com for their hosting services, however we are in the process of starting our review. Check back for the latest information on the status of our review.

They offer some great free offers from time to time, including free hosting for a year after rebate! Can't beat that price!


We have not yet tested netFirms however, they offer domain name registration for only $4.99, the best deal we have found yet! They also have some low rates on web hosting space. Check back for the latest information on the status of our review of this website hosting company.

  Netfirms Web Hosting for Small Business

H2OH! Hosting

This is the only host on the list that allows adult content. If you are looking for a low-cost, adult content host, this may be the host for you!

These free website hosting company reviews are brought to you by TSC.

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